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Optimization of human semen extender components for cryopreservation using statistical tools
, A.S. Vickram, , R. Parameswari, K. Archana, S. Nithya, A. Mishika
Published in Cryo-Letters
PMID: 29734439
Volume: 38
Issue: 6
Pages: 434 - 444
BACKGROUND: Human sperm cell preservation is an important part of assisted reproductive technology (ART). OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to find the essential and significant components in semen preservation extender required to prolong the shelf life of human spermatozoa. MATERIALS AND METHODS: By using the statistical tool 'Plackett-Burman design' the significant components present in E4 extender (formulated in our previous study) was determined by reducing the unacceptable large number of trial experiments from the full factorial method. RESULTS: It was found that vitamin E, taurine and vitamin C were highly significant in maintaining the stability of sperm cells; and egg yolk, vitamin C and glucose were highly significant in sustaining the motility of the sperm cells. R2 values for the models were 0.9950 and 0.9960 respectively. In the optimized E4 extender 75% and 81% of the total motility was retained by the sperm cells from infertile and fertile samples respectively after cryopreservation. Also an increase in zeta potential was observed indicating a reduction in stability in both fertile and infertile sample (4% and 18% respectively) after cryopreservation in E4 medium, which was much less when compared with the sample preserved only with glycerol as cryoprotectant (11% and 69% for infertile and fertile samples respectively). CONCLUSION: The major components present in E4 semen extender was successfully optimized for further use. © CryoLetters,_businessoffice@cryoletters.org
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