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Power quality analysis and voltage sag indices using fuzzy based dual upqc under unsymmetrical fault condition
Philip M.A.D.,
Published in Gazi Universitesi
Volume: 34
Issue: 1
Pages: 128 - 146
Power quality is the major problem in the fast growing electical systems. Persistent increase in non linear loads have caused distortions in the distribution system leading to becoming unbalanced in the current and voltage waveforms which affect the quality of the power.The major power quality issues analyzed in this paper relate to voltage sag, reactive power, voltage harmonics, current harmonics, interharmonics, subharmonics, unbalanced voltage, unbalanced current, and inrush current of Induction motor.Also the line to ground fualt is created in the distribution system and analysed the power quality issues with conventional and Dual UPQC. The performance analysis of various power quality issues are compared with four different casessuch as conventional UPQC with SRF-PI controller, conventional UPQC with fuzzy controller, Dual UPQC with SRF-PI controller and Dual UPQC with fuzzy controller and the results are tabulated. The simulation results show that the performance of the fuzzy based dual UPQC controller is better than the conventional PI controller. © 2021, Gazi Universitesi. All rights reserved.
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