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Recent Techniques to Identify the Stator Fault Diagnosis in Three Phase Induction Motor
Vinoth Kumar K, Immanuel Selvakumar A, ,
Published in IGI Global
Pages: 309 - 325
Induction motors have gained its popularity as most suitable industrial workhorse, due to its ruggedness and reliability. With the passage of time, these workhorses are susceptible to faults, some are incipient and some are major. Such fault can be catastrophic, if unattended and may develop serious problem that may lead to shut down the machine causing production and financial losses. To avoid such breakdown, an early stage prognosis can help in preparing the maintenance schedule, which will lead to improve its life span. Scientist and engineers worked with different scheme to diagnose the machine faults. In this paper, the authors diagnose the turn-to-turn faults condition of the stator through symmetrical component analysis. The results of the analysis also verified through Power Decomposition Technique (PDT) in Matlab /SIMULINK. The results are compatible with the published results for known faults.
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JournalSustaining Power Resources through Energy Optimization and Engineering Advances in Computer and Electrical Engineering
PublisherIGI Global
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