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Nanomaterials have lately been investigated in agriculture as eco-friendly and effective antifungal agents. Many nanomaterials, notably metal nanoparticles, have strong antifungal properties. Among metal nanoparticles, Ag nanoparticles have received the most attention as antifungal agents. Many plant lectins have been identified as antifungal agents. Conjugating AgNPs with antifungal lectins is thus expected to improve Ag nanoparticle antifungal efficacy. Understanding the molecular interactions and physical features of lectin-sugar-stabilised nanoparticle conjugates is critical for future applications. WGA has traditionally been used as an anti-tumor and antifungal agent. To investigate the prospect of developing an effective biocompatible antifungal system with applications in medicine and agriculture, fluorescence spectroscopy was used to investigate the interaction between sugar-stabilised silver nanoparticles …

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