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Surface Modification of Aluminium Alloy 5083 Reinforced with Cr2O3/TiO2 by Friction Stir Process
, Adarsh Singh, , Dinesh Dhanabalan
Published in SAE International
Volume: 2019
The surface properties have a vital role in the overall performance of the parts like brake shoe pad and other frame system. The mechanical and residual stress measurements of aluminium alloy 5083 were investigated on friction stir processed plates using the reinforcements of chromium oxide (Cr2O3) and titanium dioxide (TiO2) separately as well as combination of these powders. A comparative study was made to analyze the effects of reinforcements, tool type (cylindrical and threaded), parameters and the volume fraction of the reinforcements. The mechanical properties such as surface hardness and residual stress of the friction stir processed specimens were investigated. The experimental results shows that there was a significant increase in surface hardness (118 HRC) as well as a decrease in residual stress compare to the base metal. This study also reveals that the threaded tool with a reinforcement of Cr2O3 and TiO2 reflected better mechanical properties than the cylindrical tool. The SEM images show that the uniform distribution of reinforcement in the processed zone. The surface-hardened plates can be used in brake shoe pad in automobile brake equipment. © 2019 Bannari Amman Institute of Technology.
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JournalSAE Technical Paper Series
PublisherSAE International
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