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 Balasubramanian V picture
40 Publications
32 Journals
Balasubramanian V
Associate Professor Grade 2 & Asst- Dir- SDC
JournalPublications - 40
Network (22)
  •  Rajasekar N picture
    Rajasekar NProfessor Higher Academic Grade
    • Department of Energy and Power Electronics
  •  Babu S picture
    Babu SProfessor Grade 2 & Dean
    • Department of Biotechnology
  •  Margret Anouncia S picture
    Margret Anouncia SProfessor Higher Academic Grade
    • Department of Software Systems
  •  Ashok B picture
    Ashok BAssistant Professor Sr- Grade 1
    • Department of Automotive Engineering
  •  Clement J picture
    Clement JAssistant Professor Grade 1
    • Department of Mathematics
  •  Indra Rajasingh picture
    Indra RajasinghProfessor Grade 1
    • Mathematics
  •  Sathishkumar K picture
    Sathishkumar KAssociate Professor Sr-
    • Department of Electrical Engineering
  •  Sabumon Pothanamkandathil Chacko picture
    Sabumon Pothanamkandathil ChackoProfessor Higher Academic Grade
    • School of Civil Engineering
  •  Padmanabhan R picture
    Padmanabhan RProfessor Higher Academic Grade
    • Mechanical
  •  Jagannath M picture
    Jagannath MAssociate Professor Senior
    • Electronics