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  •  Narayanan S picture
    Narayanan SPro Vice Chancellor
    • Department of Manufacturing Engineering
  •  Sajan George picture
    Sajan GeorgeAssistant Professor Sr- Grade 1
    • VIT School for Agricultural Innovations and Advanced Learning
  •  Sudha Senthilkumar picture
    Sudha SenthilkumarAssociate Professor Grade 1
    • Department of Digital Communications
  •  Manikandan N picture
    Manikandan NAssociate Professor Grade 1 & Placement Coor, Non M-Tech PG Programmes
    • Department of Software and Systems Engineering
  •  Viswanathan V picture
    Viswanathan VProfessor Grade 1
    • Computer Science
  •  Sangeetha P picture
    Sangeetha PAssociate Professor Grade 1
    • Chemistry
  •  Krishnakumar K picture
    Krishnakumar KAssistant Professor Sr- Grade 1
    • Department of Multimedia
  •  Nirmala M picture
    Nirmala MAssociate Professor Grade 1
    • Department of Smart Computing
  •  Vignesh M picture
    Vignesh MAssistant Professor (Junior)
    • Department of Manufacturing Engineering
  •  Vidya R picture
    Vidya RAssociate Professor Grade 2 & HOD
    • VIT School for Agricultural Innovations and Advanced Learning
  •  Srinivasan M P picture
    Srinivasan M PAssistant Professor (Junior)
    • School of Advanced Sciences
  •  Joseph Daniel picture
    Joseph DanielAssociate Professor Senior
    • Mechanical
  •  Vivek V picture
    Vivek VAssistant Professor
    • Department of Multimedia
  •  Babu S picture
    Babu SProfessor Grade 2 & Dean
    • Department of Biotechnology
  •  Saroj Kumar Dash picture
    Saroj Kumar DashAssistant Professor Senior Grade 2
    • Mathematics
  •  Vijayalakshmi A picture
    Vijayalakshmi AAssistant Professor (Senior)
    • Computer Science
  •  Sivasubramanian A picture
    Sivasubramanian AProfessor Grade 2
    • Electronics
  •  Padmanathan P picture
    Padmanathan PAssistant Professor Sr- Grade 1
    • Department of Thermal and Energy Engineering
  •  Senthilpandian M picture
    Senthilpandian MAssistant Professor
    • Civil
  •  Sailaja V picture
    Sailaja VAssistant Professor (SG)
    • Electronics