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Comparative Modeling on Surface Roughness for Roller Burnishing Process using Fuzzy Logic
, Sridhar Babu B,
Published in Transstellar Journal Publications and Research Consultancy Private Limited
Volume: 8
Issue: 1
Pages: 43 - 64
Roller burnishing is one of the surface finishing processes without removing of a material, where a roller rolls over the machined surface under high pressure and flattens, the roughness peaks into valley. It will improve surface finish, as well as enforces favorable compressive residual stresses and raises hardness in functional surfaces. Aluminium alloys find attractive alternate for high strength applications. In this experimental work, burnishing operation is carried out on various Aluminium alloys, such as Al 2014 and Al 6063 using different burnishing parameters, such as cutting speed, feed, no of passes and depth of cut using burnishing tool. Through this experimental work, parameter that affects the surface roughness and surface hardness, on Al 2014 and 6063 material was identified and its influence on these responses was discussed. Also, the studies include the application one of the machine learning techniques is fuzzy logic, in the aspects of modeling and optimization of various process parameters applied, with roller burnishing process. This would give the comprehensive idea on choosing an optimum burnishing condition. © TJPRC Pvt. Ltd.
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JournalInternational Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development
PublisherTransstellar Journal Publications and Research Consultancy Private Limited
Open AccessNo