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Computational fluid dynamics modeling and experimental investigation of waste collection blower
C.N. Jayapragasan,
Published in Scientific Publishers
Volume: 75
Issue: 10
Pages: 638 - 642
Centrifugal fans plays an important role in the proper functioning of cleaning the machine and fluffs collection for industrial travelling cleaner. In this research work, to standardize the Volute and fan for both cleaning and fluffs collection system, it is proposed to analyze the performance and design of radial and forward fan blowers for standardization with better performance. This study presents a design methodology to examine the performance of both fans using computational fluid dynamics approach. The effects of fan geometry at the inlet on performance of the fan have been assessed and the volute dimensions have been kept constant. Total discharge and total pressure are the output parameters calculated. The volute and fans were modeled using SolidWorks and prior to simplification the geometries of the blower models were meshed in ICEM CFD. Analysis is carried out and the solution is obtained using FLUENT V6. The post processing is carried out using CFD POST and the results are presented and discussed in detail. The results obtained were then validated using the experimental method for real application. Result showed that 21.6% Mass flow rate and 4.5% Total pressure increases in Radial fan blower. © 2016 Scientific Publishers. All rights reserved.
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JournalJournal of Scientific and Industrial Research
PublisherScientific Publishers