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Cu based Metal Organic Framework (Cu-MOF) for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction
R. Nivetha, A. Sajeev, A. Mary Paul, K. Gothandapani, S. Gnanasekar, , , , S. Pitchaimuthu, S.K. JeongShow More
Published in IOP Publishing Ltd
Volume: 7
Issue: 11
Hydrogen production using novel catalysts is regarded as one of the most needed technology for the future economic needs and water splitting to give H2 gas, which is a challenging task for large-scale production. This work reports the synthesis of Meso-Cu-BTC metal organic framework and further used for understanding its role in electrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) in 1 M NaOH solution. Meso-Cu-BTC electrocatalyst showed a less overpotential of 89.32 mV and an onset potential of 25 mV with an appreciable current density. Results show a low Tafel slope of 33.41 mVdec-1 and long-term durability. Thus, the overall results show that Meso-Cu-BTC acted as a good candidate for electrocatalysis towards hydrogen evolution. © 2020 The Author(s). Published by IOP Publishing Ltd.
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