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Determination of fatigue limit of coir/CNT/Fly ash reinforced epoxy polymer matrix composite
, P. Bhardwaj, N. Satonkar, V. Pragasam
Published in Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Volume: 64
Issue: 3
Pages: 248 - 255
In the quest of new material development, polymer matrix composite plays prominent role. Instead of reinforcing synthetic material in the polymer composite, an attempt is made in this work to reinforce green/recyclable/reusable materials in the polymer composite. Composite specimens are made with epoxy as matrix and coir/CNT/fly ash as reinforcements. The influences of wt.% of coir/CNT/fly ash on fatigue behavior of composite are determined. Response Surface Methodology (RSM), a Design of Experiments (DOE) approach is followed in specimen preparation and testing. ANOVA is used to find the influences of different parameters such as wt.% of coir/ CNT/fly ash on fatigue behavior of composite. Optimized levels of parameters are also found out. © 2020 Budapest University of Technology and Economics. All rights reserved.
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JournalPeriodica Polytechnica Mechanical Engineering
PublisherBudapest University of Technology and Economics