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Financial reengineering perspectives of government of India with respect to time series effect and performance of sovereign gold bond
, B. Subramaniam, , , M. Ranganathan
Published in International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research
Volume: 9
Issue: 3
Pages: 4853 - 4859
Reengineering is an emerging concept in present era in India. This concept focused on Business Process in the past years. The changes have been implemented not only in the form of Business process but also to reengineer in financial terms. With this consideration, new schemes like Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme, that is a paper or certificate issued by Government, saying that the investor bought a certain amount of gold. Hence the above stated methods will certainly decrease the want of gold and indeed decrease the gold import. Henceforth this research article delivers a practical perspective on the dynamics of financial modification and where the researcher has used various examples to explain the scope for sovereign gold bond scheme. The given examples highlight the role of financial reengineering in handling the different type of risk, the requirement for risk accounting and changes in procedures for executing Financial and Business Process Reengineering. This study analytical and exploratory in nature. Eleven companies have been chosen for the study from BSE listed companies. For the present research, secondary data has been collected gathered from journals, reports, economic reviews and websites in order to anayse the gold ETF’s sales level. Descriptive statistics and Boxplots are used to understand the nature of data. It attempts to identify the different pattern among the gold ETF companies’ sales. The time series analysis is executed to understand the future directions of the sales of Gold ETF. The difference among the Gold ETF sales level of all the companies are tested using ANOVA. The time series forecast analysis shows the different companies and its trend. All companies show low sales trend for the future. The past sales in the year of 2011-12 had registered a high level of sales. It started reducing yearly and presently it shows a less sales trend. The economic condition may be the reason. Axis shows a high sales in 2011-12. The gold ETF may not be showing better sales in the present situation. The Gold Bonds selling companies need to show the better marketing approach in order to mitigate the ETF sales. © 2020 IJSTR.
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