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Green chemical approach towards the synthesis of CeO 2 doped with seashell and its bacterial applications intermediated with fruit extracts
Arasu M.V, Thirumamagal R, , Al-Dhabi N.A, Ayeshamariam A, , , Jayachandran M.
Published in Elsevier BV
PMID: 28564630
Volume: 173
Pages: 50 - 60
Nanomaterials of CeO2 with A. vera were synthesized by using simple chemical method. Grapes drops are used as an oxidizing agent. Structural and morphological studies of nanomaterials of cerium oxide (CeO2), were studied for combustion method of preparation. The precursor solution was initialized by a hydrothermal reaction. Cerium hydroxyl carbonate precursors which involves cerium (III) nitrate Ce(NO3)3. 6 H2O with (1.0 M) of seashell powder, 3% A. vera, extracts, grapes and pomegranate drops and this complex solution was used to produce the CeO2 powder particles. We have prepared another sample with 5% of Aloe vera extract and found that 3% Aloe vera extract has lesser grain size and enhanced band gap values, so the article explained the sample analysis of combination with 3% extract of Aloe vera. The product has the rod pattern which was the unusual features appear to originate from the unique crystal chemistry aspects. From the optical absorption spectrum, it has been shown that the CeO2 rods have 3.847 eV of direct band gap energy. The minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) values of the synthesized compounds exhibited activity towards various microbial pathogens such as B. subtilis (15 μg/mL), S. aureus (50 μg/mL), S. epidermidis (20 μg/mL), E. faecalis (25 μg/mL) and towards E. coli (100 μg/mL), K. pneumoniae (50 μg/mL) and P. aeruginosa (75 μg/mL) respectively. The tests on bacterial activities confirmed that the CeO2 rods are suitable hand for the biological applications. The seashell structure and the phytochemical contents of A. vera might enhance its bacterial activities. © 2017 Elsevier B.V.
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