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Harvesting vertical vibration of automotive tyre to monitor tyre pressure using applied machine learning technique
H.M. Praveen,
Published in Research India Publications
Volume: 10
Issue: 14
Pages: 34501 - 34508
Tyre pressure monitoring systems are automotive systems which monitor tyre pressure in real-time. Most systems depend on barometric pressure sensors to measure tyre pressure and transmitters to send data toward the receiver. These sensors have to be placed between the tyre and the rim which exposes them to harsh mechanical conditions; extreme temperature and mechanical shocks. This paper proposes a new indirect method to monitor the tyre pressure by harvesting the vertical vibrations from the wheel hub of a running vehicle. The problem will be treated as a fault diagnosis problem. The vibration signals would then be represented as histogram features. The acquired histogram features would be classified using support vector machine algorithms to acquire the best classification accuracy there by determining the best algorithm. © Research India Publications.
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JournalInternational Journal of Applied Engineering Research
PublisherResearch India Publications