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Investigation of wear and corrosion behavior of aluminum metal matrix composites for automotive applications
J. Thangaraj, ,
Published in SAE International
Issue: 2020
This research is an attempt to investigate the possibility of enhancing wear and corrosion behaviour of aluminium alloy and composites for high-temperature applications. The 319 alloys with minor additions of Ni, Ti and Fe elements using the liquid metallurgy technique, Al-Si-Cu-Mg matrix alloy (Al alloy) was obtained and it was used as a base alloy and it is reinforced with Silicon carbide (SiC), Magnesium oxide (MgO) under the following composites, namely Al alloy/3wt % MgO (AA-SRM), Al alloy/ 3wt % SiC (AA-SRS) and Al alloy/3wt %SiC-3wt % MgO (AAHRSM) using a stir casting route. The wear test was investigated under the following factors, namely constant sliding velocity 3.21 m/s, sliding distance up to 10000 munder different loadings (4.9, 9.8, 14.7, 19.62, and 24.5 N) using wear test by a pin on the disc test rig. The wear rate was calculated using the tested samples under different loadings, sliding distance, and weight concentration conditions. Morphology studies of the Aluminium alloy and composites samples and their worn surface structure were examined using SEM. Finally, the corrosion test was analyzed under various environmental conditions using the specimen immersion technique. The Al-Si-Cu-Mg alloy and metal matrix composites samples were immersed for 120 hours in the concentration 0.3M H2SO4, 3.5 weight concentration NaCl, and 0.1M NaOH solution at room temperature condition. The rate of corrosion was calculated using the weight loss method. © 2020 SAE International. All rights reserved.
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