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Kinematic and Velocity Analysis of 3-DOF Parallel Kinematic Machine for Drilling Operation
Pardeshi S.M,
Published in ACM Press
Volume: Part F132085
The cantilever structure of serial manipulator leads to bending under high load and vibration at high speed which affects precision and creates other problems. Parallel manipulator offers alternative to serial manipulator with higher precision and high payload capacity. Parallel manipulator with less degrees of freedom are used for drilling, contour milling, welding and tapping application with better accuracy and faster repeatability. In this paper a 3DOF parallel kinematic machine is proposed for drilling applications. The configuration of proposed PKM (Parallel Kinematic Machine) is 2PUS+PRR. The moving platform is connected with fixed platform using two links with Prismatic-Universal-Spherical (PUS) joints and one link with Prismatic-Rotational -Rotational joints (PRR). Rotational, Universal and Spherical joints are passive joints whereas prismatic joints are actuated by screw pairs with stepper motor. This paper derives Kinematic analysis, velocity equations mathematically. © 2017 Association for Computing Machinery.
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