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Numerical Investigation of the Inner Flow in Centralized Fluffs Collection using CFD
Jayapragasan C.N,
Published in Totem Publisher, Inc.
Volume: 13
Issue: 1
Pages: 03 - 18
Centralized collection system is strongly influenced by the flow of fluffs inside the pipeline and geometry parameters. Therefore, it has become necessary to find out the numerical investigation of flow inside the pipe line. In this study, the performance effect of fluid flow inside the centralized waste collection pipeline was numerically investigated with different configuration of inlet points which were opened at the same time of discharge. Centralized blower collects the fluffs from the collection box inlets which were delivered by an Industrial cleaner. Numerical investigations on five cases are done with the help of FLUENT software of computational fluid dynamics. CFD was used to determine the significance of output parameters with respect to the flow inside the pipe. This study helps to understand the flow behavior inside the pipeline and to compare the output parameters with experimental investigation. These investigation results are used to develop alternative solution to reduce the energy consumption of centralized collection system. Results indicates that the output parameters of inlet collection points 1,4,8 and 12 which were discharged at the same time gives the maximum power consumption. Thus it has been chosen for the experimental investigation of centralized waste collection system in order to get an optimized alternative solution for better energy saving. © Totem Publisher, Inc., 4625 Stargazer Dr., Plano, Printed in U.S.A.
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JournalInternational Journal of Performability Engineering
PublisherTotem Publisher, Inc.
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