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Performance, emission and combustion characteristics of VCR CRDI diesel engine fuelled with n-butanol blends
, G.G. Srinivasu
Published in Universiti Malaysia Pahang
Volume: 16
Issue: 3
Pages: 6825 - 6843
This research work indicates the analysis conducted to investigate the performance, exhaust emission and combustion characteristics of a VCR diesel engine fuelled with n-butanol blends at a rated speed of 1500 rpm with 300 bar injection pressure at compression ratios of 16, 18 and 20. The test fuel was prepared by adding n-butanol 10% (NB10) and 20% (NB20) to diesel by volume. The combustion characteristics investigated were; rise in-cylinder pressures, net heat release rate, cumulative heat release rate and mass fraction of fuel burned at all loads using three compression ratios. The emission and performance study also conducted. The higher heat release rates, increased cylinder pressures were observed for both the blends compared to diesel. Increased brake thermal efficiency observed at higher compression ratio for NB20 blend. It had also been observed that the emissions of CO2, HC and NOx were increased for both the blends, while CO emissions decreased in trend with an increase in compression ratio and blend strength. © Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia.
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JournalInternational Journal of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering
PublisherUniversiti Malaysia Pahang