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Sustainability as part of product design using a mobile phone case
S. Abhijith, S. Balla, , C. Jebaraj,
Published in SPB Pharma Society
Volume: 7
Pages: 320 - 325
The usage of mobile phone has been increasing worldwide. In India too with billion people is bound to become one of the largest users of mobile phones. The life of mobile phone is also increasing as the technology is improving each day and users too would like to adopt the new technology, thereby new mobile phones. This has lead to the next question are we planning how we would dispose and recycle so huge quantum of mobile phones in the coming years. This study makes an effort to make sustainable design as part of the product life cycle design. Two prominent material candidates used for mobile phone cases, acrylic and polycarbonate is considered, the design is done as per the standard size that is used for smart phones, the impact test was done as per standard and the design was found to be safe and functionally efficient. The last part of the work was to study the carbon foot print considering the materials used, manufacturing processes and the supply chain. The work concludes that the manufacturing process plays a significant role in deciding the various environmental parameters. © 2015 Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences.
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