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  •  Arun Kumar S picture
    Arun Kumar SAssociate Professor Sr-
    • Department of Information Security
  •  Kalainathan S picture
    Kalainathan SProfessor Higher Academic Grade & Director
    • Department of Physics
  •  Prasanna S picture
    Prasanna SAssociate Professor Grade 1
    • Department of Digital Communications
  •  Mohana Roopan S picture
    Mohana Roopan SAssistant Professor Sr- Grade 2
    • Department of Chemistry
  •  Ponnambalam S G picture
    Ponnambalam S GProfessor - Higher Academic Grade
    • Department of Manufacturing Engineering
  •  Narayanan S picture
    Narayanan SPro Vice Chancellor
    • Department of Manufacturing Engineering
    SENTHIL KUMARAN SELVARAJAssociate Professor Grade 2
    • Department of Manufacturing Engineering
  •  Kathiravan Srinivasan picture
    Kathiravan SrinivasanAssociate Professor Senior
    • School of Computer Science and Engineering
  •  Karthikeyan S picture
    Karthikeyan SProfessor Grade 2
    • Department of Chemistry
  •  Sarveswari S picture
    Sarveswari SProfessor Grade 1
    • Department of Chemistry
  •  Akella Sivaramakrishna picture
    Akella SivaramakrishnaProfessor - Higher Academic Grade
    • Department of Chemistry
  •  Babu S picture
    Babu SProfessor Grade 2 & Dean
    • Department of Biotechnology
  •  Geetha S picture
    Geetha SProfessor Grade 2
    • Computer Science
  •  Prabhakar Karthikeyan S picture
    Prabhakar Karthikeyan SAssociate Professor Sr-
    • Department of Electrical Engineering
  •  Shantha Kumar S picture
    Shantha Kumar SProfessor Grade 1 & Dean
    • Department of Environmental and Water Resources Engineering
  •  Prabu S picture
    Prabu SProfessor Grade 1 & HOD
    • Department of Information Security
  •  Ganesh Babu S picture
    Ganesh Babu SAssistant Professor
    • Department of Chemistry
  •  Sivanantham S picture
    Sivanantham SAssociate Professor Sr- & Asst- Dean-AR
    • Department of Micro and Nanoelectronics
  •  Ganapathy S picture
    Ganapathy SAssistant Professor Senior Grade 2
    • Computer Science
  •  Elavenil S picture
    Elavenil SProfessor Grade 2
    • Civil