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Department of Bio-Sciences
VIT University
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  •  Anand A picture
    Anand AProfessor Grade 2
    • Department of Biotechnology
  •  Sabina E-P picture
    Sabina E-PAssociate Professor Sr- & HOD
    • Department of Bio-Medical Sciences
  •  Narendra Kumar U picture
    Narendra Kumar UAssociate Professor Sr-
    • Department of Manufacturing Engineering
  •  Ganesan R picture
    Ganesan RProfessor Grade 1
    • Computer Science
  •  Tamizhselvi R picture
    Tamizhselvi RProfessor Grade 1
    • Department of Biotechnology
  •  Sridharan K picture
    Sridharan KAssistant Professor
    • Department of Design and Automation
  •  Ramalingam C picture
    Ramalingam CProfessor Higher Academic Grade & Director
    • Department of Biotechnology
  •  Pundlik Rambhau Bhagat picture
    Pundlik Rambhau BhagatProfessor Higher Academic Grade
    • Department of Chemistry
  •  Nirmala Grace A picture
    Nirmala Grace AProfessor Grade 1 & Director
    • Centre for Nanotechnology Research
  •  Ravishankar B picture
    Ravishankar BAssistant Professor (Junior)
    • Department of Hotel & Tourism Management
  •  Kaushik Chanda picture
    Kaushik ChandaAssistant Professor Sr- Grade 1
    • Department of Chemistry
  •  Dhanasekar S picture
    Dhanasekar SAssistant Professor Grade 2
    • Mathematics
  •  Navaneethan C picture
    Navaneethan CAssociate Professor Grade 1
    • Department of Software and Systems Engineering
  •  Narayanan S picture
    Narayanan SPro Vice Chancellor
    • Department of Manufacturing Engineering
  •  Sarveswari S picture
    Sarveswari SProfessor Grade 1
    • Department of Chemistry
  •  Vijayakumar V picture
    Vijayakumar VProfessor Grade 2
    • Department of Chemistry
  •  Arun Tom Mathew picture
    Arun Tom MathewAssociate Professor Sr-
    • Department of Design and Automation
  •  Anilkumar G picture
    • Department of Integrative Biology
  •  Velu S picture
    Velu SAssociate Professor Sr-
    • Department of Chemical Engineering
  •  Priya G picture
    Priya GAssociate Professor Grade 1
    • Department of Database Systems