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Centre for Bio-Separation and Technology
VIT UniversityHead of Department
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  •  Sivakumar S picture
    Sivakumar SAssistant Professor Grade 1 & Asso- CW
    • Department of Social Sciences
  •  Preetha R picture
    Preetha RAssistant Professor (Junior)
    • Department of English
  •  Jayaraman G picture
    Jayaraman GProfessor Higher Academic Grade & Dean-Academics
    • Department of Biotechnology
  •  Chandra Sekaran N picture
    Chandra Sekaran NProfessor Higher Academic Grade & Director
    • Centre for Nanobiotechnology
  •  Amitava Mukherjee picture
    Amitava MukherjeeProfessor Higher Academic Grade & Director
    • Centre for Nanobiotechnology
  •  Gunasekaran S picture
    Gunasekaran SProfessor
    • Department of Integrative Biology
  •  Sudandira Doss C picture
    Sudandira Doss CAssociate Professor Sr-
    • Department of Biotechnology
  •  Natarajan P picture
    Natarajan PAssociate Professor Grade 2
    • Department of Information Security
  •  George Priya Doss C picture
    George Priya Doss CAssociate Professor Grade 1 & HOD
    • Department of Integrative Biology
  •  Manikandan K picture
    Manikandan KAssociate Professor Grade 2
    • Department of Database Systems
  •  Akella Siva Rama Krishna picture
    Akella Siva Rama KrishnaProfessor Grade 2
    • Department of Chemistry
  •  Kalainathan S picture
    Kalainathan SProfessor Higher Academic Grade & Director
    • Department of Physics
  •  Dr.Suneetha V picture
    Dr.Suneetha VProfessor Grade 1
    • Department of Biotechnology
  •  Anbalagan M picture
    Anbalagan MProfessor Grade 1
    • Department of Integrative Biology
  •  Vasudevan R picture
    Vasudevan RProfessor Higher Academic Grade & Dean
    • Department of Design and Automation
  •  Ethiraj K R picture
    Ethiraj K RAssociate Professor Sr-
    • Department of Chemistry
  •  Jose S picture
    Jose SProfessor Grade 1
    • Department of Thermal and Energy Engineering
  •  Siva R picture
    Siva RProfessor Grade 2 & HOD
    • Department of Biotechnology
  •  Rasool M picture
    Rasool MProfessor Grade 1 & Asst- Dir-Sporic
    • Department of Bio-Sciences
  •  Nawaz Khan F picture
    Nawaz Khan FProfessor Grade 2
    • Department of Chemistry