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Centre for Nanobiotechnology
VIT UniversityHead of Department
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  •  Bhaskar Das picture
    Bhaskar DasAssociate Professor Sr-
    • Department of Environmental and Water Resources Engineering
  •  Suresh P-K picture
    Suresh P-KProfessor - Higher Academic Grade
    • Department of Bio-Medical Sciences
  •  Ethiraj K R picture
    Ethiraj K RAssociate Professor Sr-
    • Department of Chemistry
  •  Babu S picture
    Babu SProfessor Grade 2 & Dean
    • Department of Biotechnology
  •  Sekar S K picture
    Sekar S KProfessor Higher Academic Grade & Dir- Estates
    • Department of Structural and Geotechical Engineering
  •  Thiagarajan S picture
    Thiagarajan SProfessor Grade 1
    • Department of Manufacturing Engineering
  •  Chandrasekaran N picture
    Chandrasekaran NAssociate Professor Grade 2
    • Electronics
  •  Seenivasan R picture
    Seenivasan RProfessor Grade 1 & Asst- Dir- IR
    • Department of Bio-Medical Sciences
  •  Saranya S picture
    Saranya SAssistant Professor (Junior)
    • Department of Electrical Engineering
  •  George Priya Doss C picture
    George Priya Doss CAssociate Professor Grade 1 & HOD
    • Department of Integrative Biology
  •  Nirmala M picture
    Nirmala MAssociate Professor Grade 1
    • Department of Smart Computing
  •  Sundar S picture
    Sundar SAssociate Professor Grade 1
    • Department of Embedded Technology
  •  Narayanan S picture
    Narayanan SPro Vice Chancellor
    • Department of Manufacturing Engineering
  •  Vinoth Babu K picture
    Vinoth Babu KAssociate Professor Sr-
    • Department of Communication Engineering
  •  Karthikeyan S picture
    Karthikeyan SProfessor Grade 2
    • Department of Chemistry
  •  Annie Jenifer M picture
    Annie Jenifer MAssistant Professor Grade 1
    • VIT School for Agricultural Innovations and Advanced Learning
  •  Anjali Gopakumar picture
    Anjali GopakumarAssistant Professor Senior Grade 2
    • Civil
  •  Jeeva P-A picture
    Jeeva P-AAssociate Professor Grade 1
    • Department of Design and Automation
  •  Shiva Shankar M picture
    Shiva Shankar MAssociate Professor Sr- & Chief Warden-MH
    • Department of Chemistry
  •  Rajiv Vincent picture
    Rajiv VincentAssistant Professor
    • Computer Science