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  •  Jayashree J picture
    Jayashree JAssistant Professor (Senior)
    • Department of Database Systems
    10 publications in common
  •  Ashok D picture
    Ashok DProfessor - Higher Academic Grade
    • Department of General Management
    4 publications in common
  •  Subhashini R picture
    Subhashini RAssistant Professor Sr- Grade 1
    • Department of Information Technology
    4 publications in common
  •  Prasanna M picture
    Prasanna MAssociate Professor Sr-
    • Department of Smart Computing
    4 publications in common
  •  Dr.Subashini Rajagopal picture
    Dr.Subashini RajagopalAssociate Professor Grade 2 & Asst- Dir--SW
    • VIT Business School
    2 publications in common